I tell him I do. He looks at me with tired eyes and a tired smile. "I miss Brooklyn. When I found myself in this city, I forgot to bring many things." "Any friends?" I asked. He almost looks even more tired. "Lost him."
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"After years of playing it tough and defensive, Fisher carefully peeled back Mickey’s layers to reveal his vulnerable side and a big, beating heart (for Ian)."


In the Flesh + Real World Issues

"I love karaoke. I’m some sort of closet wannabe Guns ’n’ Roses member that wasn’t born in the right time. I don’t know about music, its fun but maybe I’d like to try songwriting or producing or directing. It’d be fun to be able to call the shots on the projects you want to work on."

debbie gallagher + tropes


Favourite Footballers- Phil Jagielka