Hey guys, I just thought I’d do a post of my favourite kirkspock fics. You can find the rest of them here. Also here’s a link to my fic rec masterpost which includes Supernatural, Sherlock, Torchwood, Queer as Folk UK/US + a few others. 

This will be updated when I find new favourites and these will be marked with a 

1. Breaking Points70,000 words. When the Enterprise is asked to transport Vulcan colonists to their new home, Spock Prime comes with them.  His presence changes everything – and leads to life-altering revelations for Jim and Spock.  A story about growth, self-discovery, and new beginnings.

2. Magpie57,642 words. Spock met Jim when he was 7 and Jim was 6. It has since been generally agreed that this was a mistake (or: the one where they grow up together and things are simultaneously better and worse for it).

3. Evolution150,000 words. In his first year in command of the USS Enterprise James T. Kirk must gel his new team together, adapt to his abrupt change in status over his friends, and deal with falling for his first officer. And, of course, there’s always someone out to threaten the galaxy.

4. Take Refuge In What You Know118,000 words. AU. Kirk has moved into a apartment/house and wants to get to know his neighbors. He meets his neighbor Spock, a loner who suffers from extreme agoraphobia. Kirk thinks he’s beautiful enigma.

5. The Lotus Eaters94,000 words. Stranded on the planet Sigma Nox while searching for a missing away team, Spock and Kirk find themselves pitted against a disturbing native life form. With the captain out of commission on a regular basis and Spock struggling to preserve his stoicism, staying alive is difficult enough – but when a slim chance for escape surfaces, their resolve is truly put to the test. Together they must fight for survival in the heart of an alien jungle, and in the process, uncover the mystery of the planet’s past.

6. So Wise We Grow81,248 words. “Commander Spock, we have located your son,” the Vulcan lady on the screen says, which would be great, except Jim can tell by the look on Spock’s face that he’s never heard of this kid before in his life. “If it is expedient, the child will be sent to join you on the Enterprise within the week.” + Sequel (character death)

7. Through Blind Men’s Eyes45,885 words. The obligatory Pon Farr story … with a bit of a twist.

8. Still Life39,886 words. AU. Traumatized by his experience on Tarsus IV, Jim Kirk runs away to Vulcan to undergo kolinahr.

9. Dreaming Through The Noise28,000 words. AU. Spock remembered far too well the first night he heard Jim’s mental voice - close to dawn on a dreamless night and he was pulled away from his bed, to a dark, alien kitchen and a terrified, alien mind.

10. Papers in the Roadside50,000 words. Non-Starfleet AU. Jim owns a small bar in Chicago, keeps on picking up strays and taking care of everyone no matter how hard it makes his own life. Spock is a journalist writing feature articles for the Chicago Tribune; he depicts the world with uncanny skill, but hides more than one personal drama and is possibly under surveillance from the Vulcan royal family. They meet by accident just before their lives start to spin out of control. 

11. Textual Attraction16,000 words. Valentine’s Day does not bring up pleasant memories for Cadet Kirk. But the serendipitous switch-up of his cell phone with a particular Vulcan professor’s will make his day far more interesting – and romantic. Perhaps some new memories can be made. 

12. Tray Tables and Seatbelt Signs10,000 words. Jim is an annoying airplane passenger; Spock is a hot flight attendant. 

13. Atlas135,529 words. Between what was and what will be stands James Tiberius Kirk, in all his fractured patchwork glory. Because saving the Federation was only the beginning.

14. Bragging Rights20,000 words. AU. Two and a half years into his time at Starfleet Academy, Jim Kirk meets Lieutenant-Commander Spock, and the sparks begin to fly.

15. Entering Orbit30,948 words. Jim escapes to Iowa to avoid the media frenzy following the Narada incident, but a late-night miscommunication results in Spock turning up on his front porch.

16. Leave No Soul Behind251,878 words. If you’re Starfleet, you spend your whole life wishing you never see an EPAS uniform right up until the moment they become your only hope. Whether you’re dying a slow, cold death in space, or a long painful one on some godforsaken planet, they’re going to come for you. So count your last breaths, son, and hold on tight. They leave no soul behind.

17. Fighting Gravity137,824 words. When Spock left Starfleet after the encounter with Nero, Jim thought he’d lost his chance at their supposedly destined friendship. Upon returning to Earth after the Enterprise’s first five-year mission, he discovers that Spock lost far more. Jim’s willing to fight for the bright future they were promised, but the one thing standing in its way is Spock himself.

18. Through Chekov’s Eyes14,000 words. In which Mr. Spock hates Chekov and terrorizes the crew, Captain Kirk has the best poker face on the ship, Chekov never means to eavesdrop, Uhura gets some curves, Kirk gets cock-blocked, Spock gets off, McCoy pulls rank, Spock pulls Kirk’s pigtails, and love sucks. 

19. Half a Dream Away24,100 words. You know I dreamed about you / For twenty-nine years / Before I saw you / You know I dreamed about you / I missed you for twenty-nine years.

20. How We Are (But Not How We’re Going To Be)35,916 words. Even when they hate each other, they’re still sort of falling in love.

21. Extra-curricular Activities15,500 words. Spock returns to the Academy from a tour of duty to find an intriguing cadet captures his attention.

22. This Place at the Crossroads33,619 words. Starfleet intelligence says that Earth is decades away from developing warp-technology. Then again, Starfleet intell didn’t count on one James Tiberius Kirk getting anywhere near the issue.

23. Definite and Unapologetic12,476 words. Uhura inspires Kirk to take pity on Spock during the twelve days of Christmas.  Kirk is bored, Spock is unsuspecting and hilarity ensues.

24. Love Is Strange45,629 words. Accompanied by his parents, Spock visits an Earth resort where Jim Kirk is a dancer. Dirty Dancing redux.

25. The Devil’s In The Detail13,123 words. Spock gets a grilling from his father about an indiscretion.

26. Coming Home124,659 words. Set a few months into their first mission, the Enterprise is ordered to pick up a Vulcan Healer and transport him to the new colony. Once there they are scheduled to remain and assist with the early stages of setting up the colony. Kirk’s liaison is his ‘old friend’ Ambassador Spock, now known as Elder Sepak, who takes the opportunity to help Kirk and Spock become better acquainted.

27. Army & Navy5,616 words. It’s 1944 and serving in the U.S. Navy, Jim finds himself billeted in London, where he meets a tall, dark, handsome alien (in this universe, Vulcan made first contact at the turn of the 20th century).

28. Knowing Me, Knowing You11,602 words. Kirk and Spock meet at the StarFleet Academy Costume Ball and are immediately drawn to each other.

29. A Friend In Need6,668 words. A year after the events with the Narada, the Enterprise has left Kirk and Spock to complete a diplomatic mission. Things go wrong when Kirk loses consciousness and Spock realizes he’s been given a powerful aphrodisiac.

30. Anchor Me16,000 words. Kirk is part Betazoid, he doesn’t advertise it because it doesn’t define him, but after feeling the terror and the psychic scream from the destruction of Vulcan he starts to break down. He can’t block anything anymore and it almost kills him. Spock intervenes.

31. Encircled5,000 words. Spock has a ring kink, which doesn’t exactly help his control when Jim decides to buy a wedding ring. And wear it. In public. 

32. Where Sea Meets Sky20,647 words. Cadet Spock of Starfleet finds a mystery as well as an unexpected friendship when he meets a strange human boy on a beach at night. Soon, however, Spock is intrigued by more about Jim than just his secrets.

33. Closer11,724 words. Academy AU. Kirk has a massive crush on Spock and convinces the professor to go on dates with him, although nothing happens (Jim can delay gratification, really he can!). Finally Spock caves in over the holidays.

34. Start Infinity Again75,166 words. Kirk survives Generations and reunites with Spock. He finds adapting to life nearly eighty years in the future is hard enough, but then a star about to go supernova threatens Romulus, and Kirk and Spock have to deal with Captain Nero and the strange new universe they follow him into.

35. Eye Bleach7,537 words. A crew member finds a porn movie of Jim and Spock fucking, where they don’t seem to know that they’re being filmed (and aren’t out as a couple)

36. Spoctoria Verse78,828 words. Spock is heir to the Federation throne, Jim is Prince of America because his fucking brother abdicated, and the Klingons are on the verge of blowing shit up—a love story. 

37. Illogical Series: 148,214 words. If Kirk was a maths genius, and never took Pike up on the dare to do better, but still managed to get to Starfleet? This is what that would look like.

38. Gift31,000 words. Spock gets a small golden-haired, blue-eyed creature as a gift from his father (except he doesn’t). The creature speaks in Nurse T’Amanda’s Secret Language, appears to be convinced that Spock is an “elf” and calls itself “Jim.” Utterly fascinated, Spock decides to keep it. Very AU. Set on an extremely xenophobic Vulcan.

39. Shades of Mine19,350 words. Warnings: age difference (35/18), pseudo-incest. It’s the juiciest scandal of the decade. These are widely known facts: 1) On Stardate 2258.266, Commander Spock marries Lieutenant Nyota Uhura. Captain James T. Kirk is his best man. 2) On 2259.092, a mission goes awry, and Captain Kirk is irreversibly turned into a ten year old. 3) On 2259.155, Captain Spock and Lieutenant Uhura legally adopt the boy. 4) Eight years later, Commander Uhura resigns from active duty and files for divorce. The rumor has it their son is the reason. Those are the facts, but they don’t tell the whole story. This is a story about family, acceptance and different shades of love. Told through Uhura’s, McCoy’s, Spock’s and Jim’s eyes.

40. Within Reach20,850 words. Four years into the Enterprise’s voyage, Spock dies in a transporter accident on a routine mission. Jim slowly falls apart and develops an unhealthy obsession that, ultimately, brings Spock back.

41. Mutable Signs34,852 words. Change comes in many forms; for Spock, that change was an alien slave named Kirk.

42. Mission: Mistletoe8,175 words. Despite his best attempts to avoid it, Spock keeps getting caught under the mistletoe.

43. The Accidental Matchmaker8,996 words. Sometimes the best intentions are no intentions at all.

44. Oasis30,000 words. Kirk accidentally lands himself on an alternate Enterprise in an alternate reality - a reality where Surak’s reformation of Vulcan never happened.  Sequel: Mirage15,900 words

45. "Baseball"43,000 words. Kirk tries to deal with the loneliness of being Captain. Luckily, he’s got Spock to help.

46. Armchair Psychology4,000 words. McCoy forces Kirk and Spock to write an ongoing list of things they like about each other. Kirk doesn’t know if he’ll be able to make his weekly quota. At least, not at first. 

47. Detachable6,000 words. Jim learns that Spock’s penis is detachable. Can you really blame him if the ideas that pop into his head as a result are not entirely non-mischievous? 

48. Helloooo, Nurse!9,000 words. Jim Kirk is the only male nurse on the Enterprise. He’s also the only one with any experience with Vulcan biology. You can guess who he’s been assigned to.

49. I’m Stuck on You1,000 words. He’d been with plenty of aliens in his time, and none of them had ever had dicks that changed shape once they reached full hardness—though there had been some that could move in the most amazing ways—and he’s pretty sure he’d remember if he’d heard about this when they went over Vulcan anatomy and reproduction in xenobiology.

50. Is That Even Possible?3,166 words. Kirk’s always had a thing for Xeno-sex and has always wanted to sleep with a Vulcan. He’s done the research (aka the Xeno Kama Sutra.) but the problem is that he’s never met a Vulcan until now and Spock hates his guts. 

51. Laws of Ownership4,000 words. Jim isn’t sure what exactly he was expecting when he blasted the lock on the cargo bay door of the Orion Raider Ship they’d just boarded but a room full of small mewling balls of fur certainly wasn’t it. He’d hoped for the best and prepared himself for the worst but somehow this had never entered his thoughts as a possibility. 

52. Lessons in Anatomy5,000 words. First Officer Spock, possessed of an efficient Vulcan male reproductive system, has never spared much thought to its illogical human counterpart. Until he interrupts his captain’s private time. 

53. Like a Moth to a Flame13,000 words. Chess AU. Kirk and Spock meet as kids at an intergalactic chess tournament for the Federation Planets. Spock, a discipline of the strictest rules of chess and the undefeated champion in his age group, is completely pwned by Kirk, a wild-card who gleans his talent by playing all manners of chess styles. They become heated rivals, battling each other throughout their chess “careers”, which pretty much develops into UST once you toss teenage hormones into the mix. Inevitably chess is pretty much just their foreplay before they finally sit up and realize that they’ve fallen for each other. Sequel: Like a Peacock Among Crows13,300 words. + another sort of sequel: Eye of the Storm:39,500 words.

54. Once Upon a Time (A Fairy-Tale Love Story)48,000 words. This is the story of how Jim Kirk became a Princess (“Prince Consort, Bones!”) of the United Planets of Vulcan Kingdom. 

55. So Much for Gravity14,000 words. The last thing Jim wants is telepathic proof that Spock hates him, even though that’s exactly what he gets. It’s just one more thing Jim needs to figure out on his bumpy road to a destiny he doesn’t even know if he believes in. 

56. Subverted Ambitions44,000 words. After trying to achieve peace for over a century, Vulcans and humans decide to hold a series of arranged marriages. As an ambitious young captain, James Kirk agrees to the merger…only to find that his ambitions soon change. 

57. The Third Wheel17,000 words. In which Cadet Kirk constantly crashes Cadet Uhura’s dates with Commander Spock and monopolizes his attention. 

58. Unethically Obtained8,000 words. Spock discovers a preoccupation with his captain’s very normal Starfleet-issue underpants. 

59. Observations: 414,197 words. First Officer Spock comments on life aboard the Enterprise and his service under Captain James T. Kirk.

60. Something Rich and Strange49,383 words. In another universe, captaining a starship is Jim Kirk’s first, best destiny. In this one, he’s just been laid off from a soulless office job, he’s struggling to make ends meet in New York City, and the closest thing he has to a love life is a strange fixation on a Shirley Temple-drinking regular at his new bartending gig. But when he forges a connection with this compelling stranger and begins unraveling the mystery of his father’s death, Jim stumbles onto a secret that will change his life forever.

61. The Sum of us Both207,623 words. Jim Kirk is nine when a massacre on Tarsus IV leaves him without a family and without a home. Spock is twelve when a strange boy in the desert saves his sehlat. Families aren’t born; they’re made. The look in mother’s eyes at his correction remained a mystery long after the colors of the night sky and the complex patterns of distant nebulae had become translatable by means of distinct and relatively straightforward equations.

62.As Morning Shows the DayN/A words (WIP). A de-aged fic where Kirk has to take care of a kid-Spock; preferably Spock only listens to Kirk, and freaks out when he’s not around.

63. The Marriage of True Minds262,788 words. Prince S’chn T’gai Spock of Vulcan, engaged to Prince James Tiberius Kirk of Earth through an arrangement made by their parents many years ago, writes to his intended on the day of his birth in the interest of diplomacy. Jim is not interested in diplomacy. Though there is no precedent set for the commencement of a written correspondence begun due to these specific parameters, I will strive to maintain, to the best of my abilities and with ample preparatory research previously conducted, the appropriate level of formality between us, based on a number of factors, primarily examples of a similar nature.

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